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Incredibly beautiful girl,
loves to have fun,
very smart,
true and real friend.
"Omg, have you met the new girl?"
"Yeah, she's totally a Selma!"
by Haaaa your momma April 02, 2009
323 51
A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She is kind, caring and sensitive. She will stick up for her friends and what she believes in.
Girl: She's so kind
Guy: Must be a Selma
by idkwattosay123 March 23, 2013
42 20
"Selma" Pronounced: Se'el'ma


To experience and express fatigue,
in a ridiculously fabulous manner,
within the context of selfies.

1.Emotional description of "Sooo Tired"
2.To Nap
3.To be caught napping
4. Name of The Nap Fairy
" selmaed out"
"Going to selma you guys"
"selma time!"
by Mikaran March 11, 2014
1 0
the gayest town ever
girl 1: have u ever been to selma
girl 2: hell yeah i grew up there...SELMAAA
girl 1:...u should get slapped
by mocha pocha August 07, 2006
118 173