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A tradional hearty oat-based porridge flavored by sweat produced betwixt a man's leg and scrotum.

A midwestern tradition passed down from decades of plains' settlers, scrotemeal is traditionally made by hanging a bag of oats between the leg and scrotum. The harder the days work, the richer the essence of scrote and consequently the higher quality of scrotemeal.
Lester Figgins,who just won his seventh consecutive blue ribbon for his scrotemeal entry at the Anoka County fair, said the secret to a bold flavor is never showering.

Wade: "Matt, WTF... your lunchbox smells like ball, what gives?!"
Matt: "That's the scrotemeal my Daddy packed me for lunch."
by ChimBob Richalds June 16, 2013
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Any sub-standard microwave oatmeal.
Dude, that was total scrotemeal we had for breakfast.
by J. E. Smith May 05, 2006
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Funky residue in the crotch area of a man's underwear after heavy perspiration.
GUY: Man, that was a heavy workout. I need to shower.

OTHER GUY: Yea, dude, I got a wicked case of scrote-meal in my undercarriage.
by DamascusBlade November 06, 2016
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