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Someone who has been tormented from a young age due to having the same name as a puppet. He's good natured however and continues to smile at moronic, repetitive Ernie and Bert jokes. He wears funky shirts and is an inventive and passionate lover.

Secretly, he'd like to punch alot of people in the mouth.
That Ernie hides his violent tendancies with a big smile.
by rubytooshoos February 04, 2010
Super cool guy who might come off as shy at first, but once you get to know him he's incredibly funny and just generally great to be around. Usually has a tan and dark features. Sweet, gentle, caring, honest, the best lover a girl could get. A sexy beast who has been known to land the girls no one else could. At first impression, it seems unlikely that he is the secret envy of every girl in school, but many athletes have misjudged him in the same way. Strong and good looking, he accels at any sport he tries. Also surprisingly fast, runs faster than the stereotype of his skin color allows. Same goes for his ups. Prefers to use words instead of violence when his friends argue. He is a peacemaker.
Yo I'm sorry we fought bout that it was stupid.

Yeah man good thing Ernie was there to help us settle it.

Hey who's the cute boy? He's new in this class.
I heard his name is Ernie.
Ahh that explains it.
by Theguy22 April 18, 2012
(Also Ernest)

In New Zealand, an amount of pot equal to $100 worth. (Approximately a third of an ounce)
A hundy or a hundred bag.
Given this name as Ernest Rutherford is on the $100 note in New Zealand.
Hey man, do you have an Ernie for me?
Yeah, sure.
*hands over one hundred dollars*
*receives one hundred bucks worth of weed*
by JezzBomb August 03, 2011
A guy who is so fucking cool that he isnt very cool at all
Look at that guy over there leaning against the tree with his black sunglasses on not doing anything: he is such an Ernie
by DarkSentence July 30, 2010
A sore on your ass from sitting around and doing crossword puzzles all day.
I was sitting around so long that I got an Ernie. It's an actual puss bug that I can't get rid of.
by ibew574 April 11, 2010
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