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1: To grab another person in a headlock and noogie them until they beg for mercy.

2: Cider Dregs.
1: *noogie noogie noogie*
by Moose November 17, 2003
v. - to fuck
adj. - (scrog, scroggy) affected by recent sex
v. - we scrogged all night long!
adj. - I've gotta wash my scroggy laundry!
by Alaska Slang Man August 12, 2002
being slapped in the face with someones big fat penis. Basically its bein willy slapped in the face.
"I just scroged vinoth when he was sleeping"
by jim October 05, 2004
ejaculation fluid (male or female)

aka "manjam" or "mickey juice"
OMG she jus scrogged on my best suit!

oh man, i scrogged all over her.

she LOVES the scrog!
by jizzmasterZero June 04, 2004
Can mean a number of things (usually verbs) including: to fuck, to call, to smoke, to steal, to whatever.
Dude, first you scrog my entire pack of smokes, then you try to scrog my girlfriend while i'm stuck in traffic. You better watch it or you're gonna get your ass scrogged.
by winterlong April 13, 2006
to bump and grind vigorously while makin out with clothes on
we scrogged all night until it hurt
by rapy January 24, 2005