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to have fun with...groping, kissing, hugging, pawing, loving and or making a home run....
i was scrogging my mate in the back seat of my car...
by Sheryl Ann September 17, 2005
To Bone... i.e to have sex... fuck... etc
Brian and Jessica were SCROGGING all night...
by dadirtyone June 17, 2009
when two sexually unattractive people, indulge in sexual activities.
did you hear about jack, and jill. god damn they have to be the two grossest people ive ever seen, man i mean jill has those orangatang tities, she might as well had two dead rats nailed to her chest, and jack looks like fucking lurch from the Adams family. ya dude.... they be scrogging.
by mil-fo March 11, 2012
When you are kickin up a notch with some braud.
I was scrogging on that braud last night...
by OO Scrogger July 26, 2010
An act solely linked to aquatic mammals, like the whale or dolphin and any other sea creature with a blowhole. A popular pastime in Australia, especially on the East Coast. It involves beating off whilst riding atop the swimming beast and then inserting the penis into the blowhole of the creature at the point of climax, ejaculating into the animal.
Rupert: Hey! Wheres my wet suit? And my dolphin?!?
Lawrence: Yeah sorry mate, went scrogging last night, got a bit messy
by Stizzlargh February 13, 2008