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Fearless female; an adventurous, daring or independent woman.
That was one brave braud to backpack across Botswana by herself.
Don't mess with that braud, she can stand her own!
by definition_guru July 10, 2014
females. another word for bitch(s)
damn, them brauds are trippin, thinkin that if they talk shit there will be no consequences.
by sammiee__babii March 03, 2008
There isn't one. the word you're looking for is Broad.
All you broads need to learn how to spell. It's not Braud.
by nubmeister January 17, 2012
Slang term for women, used in a derogatory sense.
Also another word for saying hole in a piece of meat.
Fuck those brauds.
Are we chillin with those brauds tonight?
by Samson02 March 31, 2006
a girl usually attractive, not neccessarily a bad thing to call someone
hey man check out dat braud wit da bartender shes a hottie
by linora February 28, 2009
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