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A method of growing weed using a screen, typically of chicken wire or something similar. It controls vegatative growth to form an even canopy of buds.
Screen of Green
by pip March 08, 2004
An onomatopoeia for dicking in and out of dry vagina. Usually used as a verb (see example), but can be used as a noun if you're cool enough.
verb I just scrogged my way out of unemployment.

noun What the scrog did that girl put in her vagina to treat my dick so much like sandpaper?
by phokeu November 12, 2006
scrog: /skrog/, vt.

Bell Labs To damage, trash, or corrupt a data structure. “The list header got scrogged.” Also reported as skrog, and ascribed to the comic strip The Wizard of Id. Compare scag; possibly the two are related. Equivalent to scribble or mangle.

see the Jargon File
"Frank's batch job just scrogged the production database"
by ageek June 20, 2006
noun. A small child or baby. Originally a British naval term taken from the Norwegian for a small tree of stunted growth.

verb. To give birth.
noun. His scrog are eating all his money.

verb. She is set to scrog sometime next month.
by Myllie March 19, 2009
someone who is predisposed to casual sex, esp. when drunk. usually in her late teens or early twenties. a favorite among guys who are too wasted to score quality trim.
man, that broad is such a scrog.

man, i'm shitfaced, i might have to settle for a scrog.
by drinky August 13, 2006
have sex or make out
by kaylin October 03, 2003
A word that could literally be used for anything, not just sexual acts.
Person 1:Hey, let's play some Black Jack
Person 2:Fine, scrog me
Person 1: Twenty-one...how the hell...are you scrogin' me boy?!?!? *pulls out six shooter and kills person 2*

Person 1: I'm gonna go scrogging today
Person 2: Could you pick me up some Chex Mix

Person 1: We were playing baseball and I scrogged a home run
Person 2: Baseball scrogs...
by Justin Spiewak March 29, 2006