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A slang term for the mouth. Usually said when another is being annoying
Shut yer blowhole bitch!, im tryin to eat my chicken!
by Mr.Seaman October 26, 2003
This is a mustache ride in which the girl turns around so that your nose can slide into her vaginal hole. Then you breath out of your nose and send air into said hole.
'Man, i gave her such a good blowhole she burped!"
by kriptak August 11, 2009
A feature of coastal processes formed by erosion of a cliff or headland.

Waves quickly exploit joints, cracks and bedding planes in rock through hydraulic action. (Pressure is created when waves force air into crevices, pressure is released as waves retreat creating mini explosions.) Along the joint the sea will cut inland to form a cave. If the erosion continues upwards then with a little help from sub-aerial processes the line of erosion continues through the cliff to the top forming a blowhole. Blowholes get their name due to sea spray coming up and out in stormy weather much like a dolphin or whales blowhole.
'Argh that blowhole just ejaculated its salty spray all over my face'
by Blowhole May 24, 2005
The REAL definition for blowholes is those things on whales' and dolphins' heads
Whales and dolphins have blowholes.
by Kenthar March 20, 2003
when a fat girl is wearing a tight shirt and you can see an indentation from the belly button. It looks like she has a blow hole.
Check out the size of her blow hole!
by Mac Truck November 25, 2007
When fucking a chick in a body of water (ie hot tub or pool) after blowing your load in her pussy, when she stands up a water/cum mixture explodes out similar to a whale blow hole.
You should have seen the blow hole on that chick Doloris after Eugene pounded her in the hot tub.
by Eugene Goldmember January 15, 2008
Part Two of the Whalecock Blowhole. At this point in the move, the male has just jizzed in his own asshole as a result of "Whalecocking." The masturbator will then proceed to fart at full power. The release of gas will cause the penis and fresh semen to fly out of the butthole in a sporadic and unpredictable manner often resulting in a poopy/cummy mess.
I walked in on my roomate cleaning poop and jizz off of the kitchen walls. I'm pretty sure he must have been Whalecock Blowholing it up in there. Judging by the size of the mess, I'd say it was a fairly satisfying blowhole!
by Drake McIntyre June 07, 2009
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