A person when Playing Halo uses an enemy players screen to his advantage.
Joe is a dirty screen Looker
by church May 03, 2004
Top Definition
Screen looker is someone who spies on their opponents in a split screen multiplayer match. It is used to determine their location, amount of health, and carried weapons. It was an integral part of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark gameplay.
"Hahah. I won again! I can't believe I killed you with a Klobb. If you were a better screen looker, you would have seen me coming up from behind you."
by Dan a man January 12, 2008
A screenlooker is anyone who on a multiplayer shooter looks at another player's screen to identify their location and frag them as many times as possible. An example game is Halo 2.
"Dude how the freak did you just kill me?"
"I'm just really good."
"Damn screenlooker."
by ColdVantage January 04, 2005
Somebody who attempts to gain an unfair advantage while playing a split-screen video game by looking at their opponents' screen sectors.
While we were playing Halo, my screen-looker friend was able to ambush me because he saw where I was.
by MX January 26, 2004
a person who is playing a video game with you and is constantly looking at your screen to see your position
he always knew where i was because he was a dirty screen looker
by yesnoyes March 13, 2010
A person who tends to look at other peoples screens in hopes of beating them at any or all first person shooters. He uses the justification that one only plays games to win -- and to achieve this goal it's fine to screen look. A.K.A Brad Baum
Brad Baum, you're such a screen looker. You will leave a hollow life if you continue to do so.
by Humzabin101010101 August 26, 2009
A person who looks at other peoples screens in a split screen video game, or just in one word...Mitch!
Fucken Mitch is such a screen looker, he couldn't have known i was right there!
by poppy the mama June 06, 2009
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