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When you have the notion that someone is watching your screen in Splitscreen Multiplayer so you hide in a very uncommon spot and watch their screen to see if your notions were correct!
Billy was killing me a lot so I hid under the car in the back of the map and Counter Screen looked to see if he was screen looking.
by CH4OS May 26, 2011
When a person looks at your screen in Splitscreen Multiplayer to avoid being killed.
Paul was going to sneak up and knife John in MW2 but he Defensive Screen looked and turned around and killed him!
by CH4OS May 26, 2011
Or more commonly, Screen looker.

When a person looks on your screen in Splitscreen Multiplayer and deliberately kills you.
I was hiding in the perfect spot... But he's an Offensive Screen looker so found me and killed me!
by CH4OS May 26, 2011
Lol ok this ones a little complicated. So say you just had an epic firefight in a hallway on MW2 splitscreen with your friend but you don't see any kill markers but the shooting stops... Now you could go down that hall and check but maybe he's hiding there!!! So you screen look on them to see if they're there if you do walk down. And you kill them! The reason this is hybrid is because you only looked on their screen to save your buns from them sneaking you, BUT you took the kill so therefore you Offensive screen looked :) Best of both cheating worlds! N00B
Jack almost died in that firefight but no one died. He crept around but was unsure and didn't want to die so he pulled a Hybrid Screen look and found out that billy was waiting right around the corner! Jack got the kill but insisted that it was to save himself but either way he looked on Billy's screen and ran into kill him!
by CH4OS May 26, 2011
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