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1) A man who should play C&C more often to calm down his taste of war. 2) A sucker who lead a fucking country 3) A man who will die of assassination 4) All 3 answers
Georges W. Bush is the president of US, and he is surely gay like the rest of his population.
by mX March 30, 2003
A series of conflicts (1096-1204) in which European conscripts called by the Catholic Church attempted to conquer the Holy Land. The First Crusade (1096-1099) was actually an answer to the Byzantine Empire's (the surviving eastern half of the Roman Empire, and the largest Christian country at the time) call for assistance fighting the Muslims. Pope Urban II asked the Catholics to go on an "armed pilgrimage" to the Holy Land and establish a kingdom there. This call wasn't answered by any monarchs, and very few nobles or knights. For the most part, the "crusaders" were an angry mob of commoners such as peasants, merchants, and prostitutes. Somehow this mob managed to establish a kingdom in Jerusalem, which later fell to the Muslims. The Second Crusade (1147-1149) was a bit better organized, but was met with heavy Muslim resistance. The Third Crusade (1189-1192) was answered by King Richard I of England, King Philip II of France, and Frederick I Barbarossa of the Holy Roman Empire (Germany). Frederick drowned in a river on the way to the Holy Land, and Philip and Richard began fighting among themselves. The Fourth Crusade (1202-1204) was the last major one. These crusaders weren't even after the Holy Land this time; they sought to defeat the Byzantine Empire, and thus were fighting other Christians.
The fact that the Crusades even happened is sadly ironic, as Jesus' teachings were of love and peace.
by MX December 16, 2003
An object or event that is seemingly out of place in time.
The watch on Charleton Heston's wrist in "The Ten Commandments" seemed an anachronism when it was mistakenly visible in the actual movie.
by MX December 16, 2003
Students Against Destructive decisions (formally known as Students Against Drinking and Driving)
Against many forms of drugs, narcotics, etc. Formed of people who believe what everyone tells them, and will eventually jump off of a cliff because someone told them they were druggies if they didn't.
"The media says drugs are bad, so I decided to join SADD."

"That one commercial with the high guys running over the little kid looked so real."

"I've never done drugs, but I'm against them because I know all about them."
by MX October 31, 2003
Checkered shirts made out of flannelette, usually worn until old and ragged with jeans or khakis. Worn by working class people like builders, construction workers etc.
Where's me flannie shirt, love?
by mx October 02, 2003
Somebody who attempts to gain an unfair advantage while playing a split-screen video game by looking at their opponents' screen sectors.
While we were playing Halo, my screen-looker friend was able to ambush me because he saw where I was.
by MX January 26, 2004
n. 1: A mammary gland of a human female.
2: A foolish or stupid person.
1: Know what, my girlfriend has some big tits.
2: "Do you know these tits, 'arold?"
"I've seen a lot of tits in my life, guv'nah, but none quite as stupid as these two."
by MX December 16, 2003
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