Peculiar sub-species of Homo Sapiens, known for its ugliness and garolousness. The typical Scottish 'person' will exhibit excessive amounts of freckles, hair ranging from dark ginger to fair ginger and display a penchant for wearing either a woolen skirt with no underwear to show off their non-existent bollocks or (lately) shiny designer sportswear bought on the cheap from the back of a van. The last point is pertinent as this species is renowned for its tightness- although one can assume that it is neccessary if one is to spend all their money on cheap booze.

Apart from this, they exhibit a preference for eating sheeps intestines with a side order of chips with salt and vinegar-oops, my bad- salt with chips and vinegar. This can be substituted with anything deep fried, such as mars bars and bannanas.

Their means of communication is by manipulating vocal chords with phlegm and some form of internal biological sandpaper to produce a harsh sound that can best be described as magpie meets jackhammer. Their musical tastes are similiarly harsh and extended exposure would cause most normal humans to have a brain hammeorage.

If one is spotted on the street, it is advisable to keep one distance as the creature is a) inebriated+on heroin and b) suffering from a massive inferiority complex bought about by its crudeness and lack of social skills, which causes extreme xenophobia and the likelihood of ass-raping any species not of its own genre.
Human 1: I saw this strange red haired creature yesterday. It smelled like a distillery and was attempting to ass-rape a sheep whilst emitting strange nasal grunts
Human 2: Oh, it was probably a Scottish man trying to score some haggis
#scots #scot #scotsman #scotland #ginger
by Alistair McDonald August 18, 2008
A bunch of unemployed, heroin-addicted, deep-fried mars bar scoffing, orange-haired sectarian scum from the North of Hadrian's Wall.
Famous Scottish military victories include Bannockburn and the time they stole the goalposts and pitch from Wembley in 1977.

Famous Scottish military defeats are too numerous to mention, but the English handed out every one of those shoeings over numerous centuries.
#scottish #scots #military #victories #defeats
by TimmyTheTroll May 12, 2009
"A nation of racism towards England.
I have visited and lived in Scotland, so I know what I'm talking about.
They are obsessed with The Broons and Oor Wullie.
Like to wear kilts with nowt underneath them so they can expose their 2 inch penises.Kilted Klowns In Scotland"
Fuck Off! Well I am Scottish and I know that's naw true and I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!

"People who have back grounds and ancesters who are Scottish" I'm sorry but as someone who was born in and still lives in Scotland, I would say that people who are Scottish are only people who were actually BORN here. Other people can say that their ancestors were scottish.......but that doesn't make them scottish.

To be Scottish, you must be able to agree to both of these:

1. Born in Scotland
2. Lived in Scotland

There are different dialects of accents in Scotland. On the West Coast, our accent has been influenced by irish settlers yeeeeeeeeeeeears ago. We say words like "Aye .... naw .... wit ..... aye right ..... eejit ..... pure .... nae bother .... dae ..... hing ......... hingmay ..."and usually miss out the 'g' at the end of -ing words "daein' ....... talkin' .....drivin' ...... eatin'"

Main football teams are Celtic and Ranger. Celtic supporters are known as Tims and Rangers are Huns.
I was born in Glasgow and brought up here in Scotland and have a scottish accent......therefore I am Scottish!
#me #people born in scotland #sean connery #billy connolly #scots #paitriots #wee jimmy
by Kayleigh88 November 19, 2005
Typically a tight arsed robbing bastard who would steal the steam off of his mother piss!!
As tight as a scottish nuns fanny!!
#cheap #poor #scrooge #scrounger #jock
by donkily hung February 16, 2007

The exact opposite to welsh. Boring, idle and dammed right ugly.
Get uff ya fat arse and stop bein' so Scottish!
#scottish #welsh #scotish #welch #fat
by welsh ninjas July 23, 2006
A people who think they are cool and popular like the Irish are but in reality are nowhere near as popular and admired as the Irish.

It is commonly thought that they may have invented the myth about a mythical sea dragon named "Nessie" that lives in as lake called "Loch Ness" to attract tourism to Scotland
The Scottish accent is harsh and unpleasing to some people.
Unlike lush green Ireland, Scotland is much colder and mountainous.
Latch onto the popularity of the Irish claiming "Celtic Brotherhood" when in reality, Where was all the "brotherly love" throughout History? when the Irish were being oppressed and persecuted by the British?
Are a member of the United Kingdom but have a minority political party promoting independance as they see how much Ireland is thriving as an independant country.
Have a ridiculously expensive parliament built with British taxpayers money.
#scottish #scotland #scots #glasgow #edinburgh #gaelic #celtic
by WallStreet May 09, 2006
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