Whitty, dark hair, dark eyes, handsome. Great writer, quiet, shy, opinionated, smart. loving to those around him. He can take your breathe away, make you nervous, think to much. He wants more for himself but afraid to leap. Wants love but afraid to hurt. Great smile, amazing hair. Likes dress shirts and boots. Turns heads.
Doesnt know how amazing he is - Scott
by fell to fast February 04, 2010
He's the BEST. Sweet, kind, caring, funny, adorbale, handsome, likeable, and very sexy at times. Supportive boyfriend. Somewhat shy, but very open to the ones close to him. Sends the cutest text messages and says the sweetest things. Scott puts the people he cares for the most well before himself. Gives great hugs and loves sports. Enjoys rap and is all around a great person :)
Scott is the best boyfriend ever.
by 4evryng April 11, 2010
A sex symbol, spelled with two t's.
Scotty, Scotty, he like to party, he don't cause trouble and he don,t bother nobody.
by Superfuzze February 03, 2010
By far the most amazing person you could ever meet. He is kind, caring, smart, and a good listener. He will always be there to hold you when you're sad, make you laugh when you think you're going to cry, and he will be there for you no matter what. He's not full of himself, and he is one of the sweetest guys in the world. If you meet a Scott, don't ever let him go, because if you do, then you will me making a big mistake. He's perfect.
girl: I met this guy the other day..
girl2: What's his name ?
girl: Scott.

girl2: You're so lucky !
by meowmeowmeow. September 21, 2010
A boy/man who is very adorable. He is usually tall, strong, and is very compassionate. He gives the best hugs ever, and his smile makes your heart pound. He is by far the nicest guy anyone could ever know. If you meet one, keep him close.
Are you and Scott dating?


Good! Keep him forever!
by peacelove16 January 17, 2011
A very cute, funny, and nice guy. Loves to play guitar. And is a great boyfriend.
girl1- wow did you see scott play the guitar last night?

girl2-yeah scott rocked!
by mUsIc_l0VeR April 30, 2009
Scott is a person who is awesome but is humble about it, he is tough and he lets people know, he has a slight temper problem and when enraged he is blinded by anger, he also loves his guns whether they be handguns or rifles and hes not afraid of a fight even when the odds are against him.
Man Scott is one tough mofo, i dont wanna mess with that guy.
by camodawg August 07, 2010

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