An amazing man! Tall, powerful, sexy, intelligent, kind, caring, thoughtful, protective, responsible, and selfless. Gorgeous! Men with this name usually have very big, thick dick's and can last for hours. They also know how to please women orally. In fact, it's well known that if you meet a "scott" you could fall madly in love with him if you're not careful.
Girl #1-Oh damn..I just fell in love!
Girl #2-With who!?!
Girl #1- This guy I met a couple weeks ago...
Girl #2- Girl what's his name?
Girl#1- His name is Scott
Girl #2- Damn Girl I told you to stay away from men named Scott!
by woopdeedoodledoo February 02, 2010
an absolute amazing person with gorgeous eyes and a nice personality. Normally a funny guy with a great sense of humour. A good looking boy and smells nice. :D
This person has Scott eyes :)
This person looks like a scott he's gorgeous!
by ChickkyyDee October 17, 2010
When the thought came to you to search the word Scott, you likely became aroused. Typing the word probably gave you a raging hard-on or, most likely, made you wet as an Hawaiian evening on a black-sand nude beach. Reading the word Scott almost certainly rocked your world with one of the most intense verbal induced orgasms of your life. Don't change your pants yet, because there are still more Scott definitions to read. And for those who would consider dating an ex girlfriend of a Scott, don't try it. These women are used Scotts, and will not be satisfied with anything else unless sexually starved for seven years, which is how long it takes for every cell in the body to be replaced.
Monica: Ever since I started dating a Scott I have needed to triple my caloric intake due to the sheer severity and instances of spontaneous orgasms I have experienced.

Rob: As your brother I am kind of unhappy that you told me that.
by Millhouse's Dog March 31, 2011
(noun) Person. The best brother that anyone can have. He will always be there for you. Responsible and caring. Funny, smart and kind. Can be a dick at times but will apologize. Can't hate anyone over a week, and if he hates you for more than two you better watch out.
"Scott, Amber and I are going to make Orgasmic cookies!"
by Facee! January 04, 2009
Scott is the most wonderful guy on the face of the earth. He is sweet, smart, kind and good with kids and animals. He has the ability to make everyone laugh no matter how awful of a day you just had. Scott is the best boyfriend ever. The day we met was the best of my life.
Scott is awesome.
by bearsfan19 October 03, 2010
A Scott is someone who when your around you can't stop laughing, he says the stupidest things but there hilarious! Sometimes he doubts himself but he shouldn't cause hes an amazing person and friend. Scott is a very social person and loves being outrageous!
Did you hear what Scott said,? it was so funny!
by Hopee. July 10, 2010
Whitty, dark hair, dark eyes, handsome. Great writer, quiet, shy, opinionated, smart. loving to those around him. He can take your breathe away, make you nervous, think to much. He wants more for himself but afraid to leap. Wants love but afraid to hurt. Great smile, amazing hair. Likes dress shirts and boots. Turns heads.
Doesnt know how amazing he is - Scott
by fell to fast February 04, 2010
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