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Gaelic name Alba
Capital City Edinburgh
Languages English, Scots and Gaelic
Pop 5000.000(aprox)
Highest Peak Ben Nevis 1344 m (4409 ft)
Patron Saint St Andrew
Flag St Andrews Cross or Saltire, oldest National Flag in The world (still in use)
Nation State within the UK
Scotland has a long and bloody history with as much internal conflict as well as having to fend off repeated invasions from such foe's as the Romans,saxons,Vikings and the Anglo Normans English.
Scotland was an Independent Sovereign State until 1707 when the 'act of union' was agreed upon Joining Scotland with England and Wales to Form Great Britain.Although never popular with the common people The New State did bring Benefits for all three nations The British EmpireWas one such example with Scots playing a major role.By the time of the Industrial Revolution ,Scotland Was at the centre of innovation and invention.Glasgow became known as the second city of the Empire and The industry in Central Scotland and Clydeside made it known as the 'workshop of the world' Recent Times have seen a shift in the Nations fortunes With the decline of shipbuilding coal mines and steelworks being replaced with technological industries.
1999 witnesed the first Scots Parliament in Edinburgh in nearly 300 years.The current First Minister (at time of writing) is Jack McConnell
Having Read many Opinions on Scotland on here I thought I would Write a Factual One See Scottish Inventions for more insight to our unique heritage
by Alba gu Brath June 22, 2006
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An American is on 'vacation' in the UK and is touring famous Cathedrals and churches. In London, he visits Westminster Abbey and sees a golden telephone with a sign advertising 'calls to God, £1000'.

In York, he visits York Minster and sees the same golden telephone with the same sign advertising 'calls to God, £1000'.

In Edinburgh, he visits St Giles and again sees the same golden telephone, but this time the sign reads 'calls to God, 10p'.

Surprised, he seeks out a member of the clergy and asks,

'Minister, in Westminster Abbey and York Minster I have seen this golden telephone and calls to God advertised at £1000, yet here the price is only 10p! Why is that?'

The Minister replies 'Ah, you are in Scotland now. It's a local call!'
by Ewan Carmichael October 10, 2006
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The only place in the world where you can buy a haggis and a curry in the same shop!

"The best small country in the world"
- When an Englishman/woman wins a sporting event, it is an English victory, but when a Scotsman/woman wins a sporting event, it is a British victory. Likewise, we only ever hear of Scots sport failures, or British sport failures, never an English failure. a prime example of selective britishness Scotland the Brave!
by Babelfish Scotland June 27, 2006
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The reason England lives in fear. We took them on and owned them when they had guns.
We had swords. Large Swords.:)
English Man : We are better...

Scottish man : *Draws out sword* eh?

English Man : *scared* never mind, you rule, you rule...

Scottish man :And who are we?

English man : Scotland...
by Scottish Hero January 17, 2006
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One of the best damn countries on Earth! The accent is often stereotyped, but I like it.
Scotland rules! I'm gonna live there one day...
by Lieutenant Tarpit July 29, 2004
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Fantastic Nation East of Ireland and South of Norway of Haggis Munching Commando Bollocked Handsome Devils.
Natural Enemies of The SassenachsEnglishwe eventualy got sick of beating the shit out of them,so now we live in an uneasy truce for now, called The United Kingdomon the island of Great Britain.But That will change shortly when we decide to flush the fuckers down south like a rancid turdand become independent again.
Scotland has guys who don't wear underwear in winter and drink whisky neat! Real Men!
by Hamish Bond June 07, 2006
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Country that's way better than England. Why? Hmmm, where to start..?

-EDUCATION: Scotland has a far better education system, we produce the second highest number of university graduates in the world (second to the United States) and there are no tuition fees, only problem with this is our universities are now crawling with English 'tuition fee refugees'. We should stop letting them in, but then who can blame them for trying, they do, after all have a third rate education system.

-INVENTIVENESS: You name it, chances are we invented it just a few examples are Television, VCR, Telephone, Photocopier, Fax Machine, electric light etc etc. Now what has England invented? Oh, that's right, not a DAMN thing!

-LANDSCAPE: While England boasts flat, featureless terrain Scotland is largely rugged and mountainous, we are the wildlife capital of Europe and have some of the finest scenery found anywhere in the world, not to mention some of the last remaining wilderness areas of Europe. What has England got... other than a geriatric royal family and a mediocre football team?

-FOOD: Now I know English like to turn their nose up at Scottish food and that of many other countries, but what about their own 'cooking'? Liver and onions? Pea soup? Kidney, eel and fish pie? BARF! Hmmm I'll take haggis any day thanks, plus we have great whiskey and awesome beer which, unlike those poncey English fuckers, we don't drink at room temperature

-ACCENTS: Say what you want about our accents but at the end of the day it's a lot better than that creepy-ass paedo-sounding accent most English have.

Scotland:5 England:0

I have really merely scratched the very surface of why Scotland is better but I tire of writing this.

So, slag Scotland all you want, truth of the matter is it's way better than jolly olde England, think you're all just bitter because no one takes you seriously anymore...Pathetic, little wonder.

Scotland; land of heather, great whiskey, shortbread, and deep fried... well, everything!
by mad_on_a_mission September 07, 2006
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