Contrary to the racist remarks made by english football fanatics previous to this definition, Scotland is a vast and pleasant land, filled with wonderful scenery, friendly people, and many different cultures.

Though the few idiots that have posted before argue, our football teams are rubbish - And?
The world does not revolve around football, a country is great because of the people in it and the land it has, not a bunch of grown men kicking a ball up and down a field and bawling like wee bairns afterwards.
And we'd beat the english bastards anyday! ;)

Being born and bred in scotland, I wouldn't really know how it is for an outsider, but in my experiances, it's not as bad as people say. Take my latvian friend, she moved to my school several months ago, and is one of the most popular girls in school. She has a well paying job, the locals never say anything bad to her, and she never seems to suffer because of her origins.

Don't label scotland as alchoholic ginger haired kilt wearing violent people, that's exactly like saying that all english have bad teeth and drink tea all the time, or that french wear berets, italian men all have moustaches and own restaraunts, or that Texans sleep with their animals.

Not nice is it?
by Saphs February 11, 2008
An extremely beautiful country that would be so much better were it not tainted by a population of needlessly bitter, tight-fisted, narrow-minded, hateful, racist, alcoholic hypocrites.

Scottish culture generally revolves around slurring excruciatingly boring poetry out loud, glassing people in pubs, harping on about battles fought against the English many hundreds of years ago and eating food so calorific that even Americans might consider it unhealthy. The Scots are also noted for having their station signs pointlessly written in Gaelic as well as English, pebbledashed urban environments that would make any visitor consider suicide and a penchant for throwing telegraph poles short distances.

Politically, the Scottish enjoy an independent parliament, though this opportunity for self-rule has hitherto failed to halt the migration to London of many of Scotland’s most inept politicians to take leading roles in the Cabinet, including that of Prime Minister. This tiresome trend has been justifiably viewed with disdain by the English, as it was for so long their impression that Scots were ‘not British’ and that they ‘hate the English’.

Scottish contributions to the world include peaty whisky, shortbread and the Edinburgh Festival – a celebration of street busking. Manufacturing is generally limited to making crappy ‘Ecosse’ car stickers for use by non-resident Scots so everyone else knows that there’s another Jock tool behind the wheel.
Donald must be from Scotland, as it's his round and he's been in the bog for half an hour

In Scotland we wear our shoulder chips with pride

Scotland is a place where they eat deep fried sheep guts
by Goat Rope April 13, 2010
Well, Well, Well,
Apparently English people are saying their the best and they're better than Scottish people. Get a grip! people who were defending Scotland had loads of examples about our superiority like our education system, inventiveness, landscape, food, language, accents, cultures, history plus the fact that we make up a supposedly UNITED kingdom and all the English people can say is: "A country which all the people living there are over proud, when really there is nothing to be proud of"
"Scotland is owned by England and they cant handle it"
"they never seem to qualify for the world cup"
"Shithole country to the north of England full of haggis-eating, caber-tossing alcoholics"
"overpatriotic cunts"
"The scum of the fucking Earth!".
what kind of argument is that!? face it. we're better.
Now I’ve done my proper Scottish argument, here's a English style argument: "ENGLAND SUCKS FLOPPY DONKEY DICK!!!"

and that’s how we do it in Scotland!!
by specy-liam November 15, 2007
Gaelic name: Alba.

The northernmost country of the United Kingdom. Reknowned for tartans/kilts(which men look stunning in!), lovely scenery(fields, mountains, etc.), many languages (Gàidhlig, Scots),
and much grief from the English.

Americans are known to settle there because of less expensive homes.
"Latha Math!" (Good day!)
"I'm sorry?"
"Nach eil Gàidhlig agaibh?" (You don't speak Gaelic?)
"I'm afraid that I don't understand you, ma'am... I thought you people spoke English."
"We do speak English... and Gaelic was our original language before the bloody English came in!"
by Lorelili March 03, 2005
very patriotic but the football teams are rubbish...not that many people say "aboot" and only a few areas say "eh" like some parts of edinburgh and aberdeen. the best spoken english is actually in scotland..we were forced to speak english when we were taken over by an English king and we were beaten to try and take all the scottish out of schools we were beaten until we spoke proper english and if we didn't we were punished harshly.
"see you jimmy" "eh...nah" haggis kilts tammys, tartan, ill educated.. all completely wrong..all based on lies when scotland was occupied by an english king..lies and rumours were started to ensure english people would stay afraid of the "savage scottish people
by scotland_is_the_best April 23, 2005
1. A nation : one of two kingdoms (one of four countries) in the United Kingdom

2. A land : northern part of Great Britain (largest island in the british isles) and associated smaller islands

3. A landscape : bloomin' heather, bold mountains, sea lochs, drizzle, sheep, stags wild haggi, and kilted men

4. Our Home :
" In zero 79 A.D.
the Romans sailed across the sea
and they settled in the south.
But when they headed north
they found a people proud and strong
Steaped in fire with passionate song
who would not bend and would belong
to no one but the land they called their home

Our home, a cold and windy home
Our home, that would not bend to Rome
No matter where I ever roam
I’ll carry something of our home

Our home, a brisk and stony home
Our home, that would not bend to Rome.
No matter where I ever roam
I’ll carry something of our home

And when the Romans turned and fled
‘twas us that sent them hence :
The celts, the picts, the people they had tried
to hamper with a fence
We scaled the walls and crossed the waters
Chased the romans back to Rome
And with the huns, the goths, the meaty
Briskly took apart their home,
our home, our home

Our home, a cold and windy home
Our home, that would not bend to Rome.
The birth place of our bones,
the television and the phone

Our home, a proud and angry home
Our home, where people piss and moan
No matter where I ever roam
I’ll carry something of our home

And then in 500 AD the scots fled o’er the Irish seas and founded dalriada
In time the holy father st. coulmba joined the picts, the scots:
all celts together ‘gainst the norse
And Scotland that we proudly claim
to honour and respect became our home

Our home , a cold and windy home
We crowned our kings upon a stone
Our home, the birthplace of our bones, the television and the phone

Our home, we cherish what’s our home
Our home, a sweet and loving home

No matter where I ever roam
I’ll carry something of our home

Our home, a cold and windy home
Our home, that would not bend tae Rome.

No matter where I ever roam
I’ll carry something of our home

Our home a brisk and stony home,
That would not bend to rome

No matter where I ever roam
I’ll carry something of our home."

- the martians
1. Scotland won the rugby.

2. The Romans invaded Scotland

3. My auntie rose sent me a postcard of scotland

4. I live in scotland.
by irh January 27, 2009
A country in the northern half of the British Isles.

Geologically similar to Northern Ireland and south eastern Canada(being originally part of the North American tectonic plate that broke off and became attached to the European plate).

The people are obsessed with the English and their relationship to them. This complex is generally made worse by the fact that most English people do not care about what the Scottish think about them.
One of the hundreds of thousands of Scotsmen living in South-East England: Scotland's great and everyone there is so much nicer and friendlier than you English b******ds!

Englishman: Well f**k off back to Scotland then!
by Ndidi's Kraal October 04, 2009
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