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Well, Well, Well,
Apparently English people are saying their the best and they're better than Scottish people. Get a grip! people who were defending Scotland had loads of examples about our superiority like our education system, inventiveness, landscape, food, language, accents, cultures, history plus the fact that we make up a supposedly UNITED kingdom and all the English people can say is: "A country which all the people living there are over proud, when really there is nothing to be proud of"
"Scotland is owned by England and they cant handle it"
"they never seem to qualify for the world cup"
"Shithole country to the north of England full of haggis-eating, caber-tossing alcoholics"
"overpatriotic cunts"
"The scum of the fucking Earth!".
what kind of argument is that!? face it. we're better.
Now I’ve done my proper Scottish argument, here's a English style argument: "ENGLAND SUCKS FLOPPY DONKEY DICK!!!"

and that’s how we do it in Scotland!!
#scotland #is #the #best #country
by specy-liam November 15, 2007
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