Unfortunately part of the United Kingdom since 1707. Scotland is a small, underpopulated yet beautiful country of 5 million souls. Not all however are strictly scottish due to mass emigration forced and voluntary and mass immigration, mostly Irish. Scotlands indigineous people were celtic. One original tribe, the "picts" and the other the "scoti" (originally from Ireland) their two royal families intermarried and created a united Scotland. The lifestyle of the picts was retained i.e tartan whereas the language of the scoti became dominant gadhlig or scottish gaelic as it is now known. Scotland has been proven to be almost completely unconquerable with its mountainess landscape and fierce natives. The Romans could only invade about 2/5 of scotland and the english, however hard or often they tried could never get a decent foothold on this great land and were always eventually repelled. Scotland was sold down the river by its nobles and joined with England to form the UK. England had tried building an Empire before the union but had made a hash of it. With Scotland on board they got somewhere due to oh lets see. 1. Use of what many consider to be the best soldiers in the world (the English are now so jealous they want to disband the scottish regiments and merge them into one).
2.use of Scotlands rich land and resources.
3.her people: hardworking, tough, resilient, intelligent( John Logie baird, look up scottish inventors and you'll get the picture)
4.ruthless.( Look at what the Scots did when they settled in Ulster, Ireland)
5. scootish industrial muscle i.e the clyde shipyards.
Scots are a proud people who litter the globe especially north america and australia.
Scotland is a divided country however. Religiously scotland was originally catholic but reformed to protestantism. Many remianing catholics emmigrated after the 45 and highland clearances. Today most of scotlands catholics (750,000) are of irish decent. Many protestants in scotland are also of irish decent( confusingly many have scottish names as scots settled in ireland).These protestants are usually loyal to the queen and the union with england, go on orange walks to celebrate protestantism and the battle of the boyne in 1690, thus the irish catholics hate this and this causes sectarianism in scotland. irish people were generally hated by wide spectrum of the scottish protestant people when they first settled and still are by many.
most scots and inhabitants of scotland tend to want england to lose at sport
some see this as healthy/friendly rivalry some dont. some scots hate english altogether whereas the majority of scottish nationalists just want scotland to be "free" in the words of mel gibson and independent from the rest of the uk. this frustration however makes many prone to disliking english people. scotland has its own parliament but its powers are mickey mouse and can be over ruled by the uk one.
fact1.- scotland needs more people but not english, anyone else especially those of scots decent.
fact2. - scotland WOULD be better of alone outside the uk like ireland is. reasons include north sea oil reserves remaining and the money the uk would owe back from what its wasted. scotlands potential to be european leader in wind energy.Scotland would not need to spend billions like it is just now on armed forces, scotland doesnt need an army: we'll remain neutral like ireland unlike tony blair. hey if the uk invade the un will deal with it or indeed George.W. will as he is of his proud scots heritage (as most texans are)

UNfortunately too many people in scotland believe the scare tactics the Unionist political parties spew up about independence for scotland and too many are also ignorantly loyal to a certain party i.e irish catholics and labour party( Unionist, yes it is strange isn't it... loyal catholic irishmen....) or indeed loyal to "britishness" and the queen ( orangemen and other english buttkissers) they dont seem to realise their being laughed at by english jingoists.
Scotland, its people and its problems. aye
by Big Man of Scotland May 31, 2006
1 Descrided by First Minister Jack MacConnel as "The best small country in the world".

2 Is responcible for The United Kingdom, as it subsidises England, rescently stoped the English from electing the pro-ethnic cleansing Conservitave party, and does all the fighting in Iraq.

3 The only country in the world to have a First Past the Post system of government and a 6 party system.

4 Invented everything of use in the world

5 The only country in the world which has a minority of people who speak the official language

6 Best Primary Education in the world and 6th best secondary education (after Japan, S Korea, and Scandanavia)
Scotland is the most patriotic country in the world which doesn't artificially create partiatism using propaganda.
by Chalkie9009 May 22, 2005
The country up north that says aboot and eh, and isn't Canada.

It is very patriotic and has some good local rugby teams, some top-quality football teams, great pies, beer, and an education system that 0wnz all others.

Only bad thing is the climate, which is a bit duff.
by shiieru November 06, 2003
The Country that’s Above And on Top of England In every respect.
Jesus: But Father you have created this wonderous land with beautiful scenery and natural wonders, why are you so generous to these people?
God: Yes my Son! But wait untill you see the Neighbours I am giving them!
Scotland is the country on top
by william the wallace March 15, 2006
Gaelic name: Alba.

The northernmost country of the United Kingdom. Reknowned for tartans/kilts(which men look stunning in!), the lovely Highlands, many languages (Gàidhlig, Scots),
and much grief from the English.

Americans are known to settle there because of less expensive homes. The country is already very mixed up with people; native Scots could eventually be overwhelmed.
"Latha Math!" (Good day!)
"I'm sorry?"
"Nach eil Gàidhlig agaibh?" (You don't speak Gaelic?)
"I'm afraid that I don't understand you, ma'am... I thought you people spoke English."
"We do speak English... and Gaelic was our original language before the bloody English came in!"
by Lorelili March 03, 2005
The nation of the tartan army supporters, the best supporters on the planet! And we hate the ENGLISH!!
Q. You're trapped in a room with a tiger, a rattlesnake and Jimmy Hill.
You have a gun with two bullets. What do you do?

A. Shoot the Jimmy Hill - twice.

Q. What do you have when 100 English football fans are buried up to their necks in sand?

A. Not enough sand.
by BarryOuski February 22, 2005
The Country thats Above And on Top of England In every respect. The British Canada!
Scotland Is way Nicer Than England
by Aye Yer Maw March 04, 2006
Scotland - located above England.

Contrary to popular belief that it was England that took over Scotland, it was the other way around. James I of England was originally James VI of Scotland, Mary Queen of Scots son. When Elizabeth I died without an heir, her only living relative, James VI, became King of England, and thus united the two countries.
Scotland has a rich heritage coming from the Picts, the Celts, the Vikings, the Romans etc. Surprisingly to some, not all Scots have ginger hair. In fact, gingers (myself included) are a dying breed.
We have an excellent education system, which is much easier to understand how it works than the English system. Start school aged 4/5, leave aged 17/18 after 7 years at Primary and 6 years at secondary. We have one of the world's best universities, handily located on the East Neuk of Fife in scenic St. Andrew's, which unfortunately is becoming polluted with English toffs who are unnecessarily keen to escape top-up fees and want to go to St. Andrew's. YOU ARE RICH. YOU DON'T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT MONEY!
Excellent football, with the best team in Scotland being Glasgow Celtic Football Club, despite the poor national record, although the ladies side is promising.
Scotland is a very patriotic country, and does not in fact harbour IRA supporters. It also appears as though England and the English are determined to squash our Scottishness, as whenever we do something well, we become British, but English people doing well retain their national identity. An excellent example of this is with Andrew Murray the tennis star from Dunblane who was consistantly referred to as British, yet Henman is English.
The Scottish Government is doing well, after a 300 year absence. Despite the Labour party technically being in power, at least we don't have Tony Blair and the recent loss of a "safe Labour" seat in Dunfermline and East Fife to the Lib Dems shows that Labour is out. Once New Labour are ejected from power, either the Lib Dems or the SNP should gain power. The SNP have very admirable aims, as Scotland's independance is reluctant as if we weren't joined with England, who would there be to fight in Iraq.
Also home to some of the funniest people and great actors and past inventors.
Scotland Rules!

by punkyrocks February 15, 2006

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