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A Scottish actress most notably known for her portrayal of the character Amy Pond in the BBC show Doctor Who. Also one of the only real hopes left for the ginger community, as she is an unbelievably hot one.
Guy 1: Give me one good example of an attractive of an attractive redhead.

Guy 2: Karen Gillan?

Guy 1: Uh... Give me two good examples.

Guy 2: Linds... Nevermind, you got me.
by StTheo February 11, 2011
Scottish actress best known for playing the character Amy Pond in the Nu Doctor Who series. Unlike many modern day actresses she is beautiful, talented, intelligent, and down to earth. She also challenges the sterotype that gingers are fugly.
Karen Gillan is the best thing to come out of Scotland in ages.
by coloneljackmustard October 26, 2011

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