a religion that is in it's early stages that supports many of the dubious conclusions of the Judaeo Christian society in which it is practiced, such as the doctrine of original sin (genetics), the possibility of obtaining an absolute truth, the removal of the merchants from the temple (coming soon to a cinema near you) etc.
It's bible is in an incomprehensible language and is not widely distributed as printing hasn't yet been invented.
Is often used to limit freedom of choice but in the correct hands can be a good thing.
discuss stem cell research as a science.
by millerthegorilla January 25, 2009
A unique type of Religion.

Originally, science was the systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.

However, nowadays, it's filled with mindless follower sheep - just like all religions, however many science sheep are often "hardcore atheists" who look down on other religions, but on the other side of the note, often don't understand science.

I am a proud Agnostic who is open to the concept of religion, but not entirely convinced, before someone thinks I'm some Christian preacher.
Theist: I love God, he's amazing, he helped me with my life.

Science sheep/atheist: hahahah. you're a mindless, religious person who believes in god. Adam and Eve never started the world, you idiot.
An explosion called the Big Bang did!

Theist: Oh, really? What caused that explosion, then, seeing as you're a scientific expert and all?

Science sheep/atheist: Uhm.............. *walks away*
by Whahhhhhhhht? March 28, 2009
The religion of the state.
Big Brother is watching you.
A religion which elevates state ran education institutions to GOD status.

This effectively destroys individuality and one's ability to question authority.

Your very attempts to dissent are orchestrated by and controlled by the state and directed towards their goals.
Faith is the catalyst of science.
Blind faith in the state and state ran institutions.This has allowed for all mankind to become enslaved.
by you stupid fuckin NERDS March 13, 2005
A conformists dream come true.

Science enabled the government to institutionally indoctrinate us and take away more and more freedom from us.

science is a prison
The government is your GOD now!
by Think outside the box. March 13, 2005
A conformists dream.

Science enabled the government to institutionally indoctrinate us and take away more and more freedom from us.
The government is you GOD.
by science is a prison March 13, 2005

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