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Kurt Cobain, along with Nirvana, changed the music industry drastically in that they ended the Metal era of the 1980's and influenced the modern bands we hear today.

Most people would like to talk about his death, if he was killed, if he committed suicide, etc, and this very fact alone might have made him a legend to many people. But to me, he's a legend because he made great influential music. Music that rock wouldn't survive without. Nirvana is the core and heart of the rock body. Embrace him, not his death.
Kurt Cobain was the singer of Nirvana.
by foam December 24, 2004
Biggie Smalls DID NOT kill Tupac, you dipshits. The feud, actually, was a bunch of confusion and assumptions that I'm sure many regret today. I firmly believe Suge Knight killed both Biggie and Tupac, however.

You have to take in account that besides the fued the two were in Biggie Smalls was one of the greatest rappers ever. Many people who are still on "Tupac's side" still think Biggie Smalls is a piece of shit and vice versa. For the love of music, people. Seriously..
Biggie Smalls died March 9th, 2004. He was only 24.
by foam December 24, 2004
A song made by System Of A Down that's a testament to the disorder, confusion, and complexity of the world. The lyrics, in my very humble opinion, is pure poetic genius, though very limited, compared to other bands of today.

"Toxicity" is also System Of A Down's second album that carries such singles as Chop Suey, Toxicity, and Aerials.
Conversion, software version 7.0
Looking at life through the eyes of a tired hub
Eating seeds as a pastime activity
The toxicity of our city, of our city
Now, what do you own the world?
How do you own disorder, disorder
Now somewhere between the sacred silence
Sacred silence and sleep
Somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep
Disorder, disorder, disorder
by foam December 24, 2004
A Christian band that is from Florida. Even if it may be emo, though emo can be classified a million different ways, it's still heavy. Really, EMO is what the singer sings about rather than what his voice produces and guitars, etc.

Their newer music is shit.
Underoath is badass!
by foam December 22, 2004
A band that, to those of you who are clueless as to why Mark wasn't included, was formed by Tom Delonge of Blink 182 for the soul purpose to further depress himself of his breakup with his long-term relationship with some girl whilist getting rich.
Person 1: Tom Delonge is fatter than fuck.
by foam December 22, 2004
1: Largest economy in the world.
2: Has a retarded President.
3: Home to some of the wealthiest people in the world.
4: New York City actually sucks ass.
5: Has 270 million people.
6: REAL diverse.
7: Has every climate type in the world besides some other cold polar shit that no one cares about.
8: About 50% of the people in the U.S. are overweight or obese.
9: I'm not.
10: The other 50% are hot dirty bastards.
11: Capital is Washington D.C.
12: California is in the US!
13: So are some other 49 states..
14: Uses Democracy
15: South Park, Colorado
16: And a whole lot of other shit.

I live in America and I'm not a redneck, fat, racist, uneducated, and certainly not a Republican.

I also smoke marijuana.
The United States was founded in 1776.
by foam December 23, 2004
"Science fails to recognise the single most
Potent element of human existence
Letting the reigns go to the unfolding
Is faith, faith, faith, faith
Science has failed our world
Science has failed our mother earth" - Serj Tankian of System Of A Down (Science)
Don't limit yourself to science for answers.
by foam January 31, 2005

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