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A unique type of Religion.

Originally, science was the systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.

However, nowadays, it's filled with mindless follower sheep - just like all religions, however many science sheep are often "hardcore atheists" who look down on other religions, but on the other side of the note, often don't understand science.

I am a proud Agnostic who is open to the concept of religion, but not entirely convinced, before someone thinks I'm some Christian preacher.
Theist: I love God, he's amazing, he helped me with my life.

Science sheep/atheist: hahahah. you're a mindless, religious person who believes in god. Adam and Eve never started the world, you idiot.
An explosion called the Big Bang did!

Theist: Oh, really? What caused that explosion, then, seeing as you're a scientific expert and all?

Science sheep/atheist: Uhm.............. *walks away*
by Whahhhhhhhht? March 28, 2009
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