Systematic analysis of nature, tends to produce hubris in humans.
After the 17th Century science made men think they were the greatest things in the universe
by Wes July 24, 2003
Something atheists pretend to understand.
In reality atheists do not understand science otherwise they'd know that it doesn't debunk God. Science simply explains how things are done.
by Skialian January 09, 2014
A method of understanding the natural world through observation and experimentation.

Despite many claims to the contrary, it is not immune to a priori assumptions or worship.
Killing Kittens: Gee Mr. Science, what have we learned today?

Mr. Science: Well David, we've learned that Broca's methods of measuring the skulls of various races has proven the inherent superiority of the average white male.

KK: But didn't he purposefully select younger female skulls to get a lower mean for different ethnic groups?

Mr. S: Now David, he was a highly trained professional. Don't let your political correctness get in the way of scientific fact. It's wishful thinking, and a bit too idealistic of you.

KK: But . . . isn't it true that cranial capacity doesn't have anything to do with intelligence . . . at least not as much as brain size in proportion to body size? And that women are simply proportionately smaller on average than most men?

Mr. S: Only seemingly, David. Be casreful not to draw your conclusions from biased sources.

KK: Thanks Mr. Science!
by Killing Kittens October 14, 2004
The totally coolest subjects ever know to our school, how can you not like it it rules!!!!!!(if u think im mad you're right and chek raz or rachel b.and chek my entries you'll see
wow raz sure luuurves science the mad freeeeak
by Raz March 28, 2005
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