Slang for Magic Mushrooms or Shrooms
Hey man, can you hook me up with an eighth of science?
by itsalways420somwehere October 20, 2008
droppin' science on tha mic
by random_scrub October 23, 2003
A method of understanding the natural world through observation and experimentation.

Despite many claims to the contrary, it is not immune to a priori assumptions or worship.
Killing Kittens: Gee Mr. Science, what have we learned today?

Mr. Science: Well David, we've learned that Broca's methods of measuring the skulls of various races has proven the inherent superiority of the average white male.

KK: But didn't he purposefully select younger female skulls to get a lower mean for different ethnic groups?

Mr. S: Now David, he was a highly trained professional. Don't let your political correctness get in the way of scientific fact. It's wishful thinking, and a bit too idealistic of you.

KK: But . . . isn't it true that cranial capacity doesn't have anything to do with intelligence . . . at least not as much as brain size in proportion to body size? And that women are simply proportionately smaller on average than most men?

Mr. S: Only seemingly, David. Be casreful not to draw your conclusions from biased sources.

KK: Thanks Mr. Science!
by Killing Kittens October 14, 2004
The totally coolest subjects ever know to our school, how can you not like it it rules!!!!!!(if u think im mad you're right and chek raz or rachel b.and chek my entries you'll see
wow raz sure luuurves science the mad freeeeak
by Raz March 28, 2005
something that, according to system of a down , has failed the world... ^o)... yeah .. lol
Science. HAS FAILED. THE WORLD. etc...
New age religion fervently worshipped by atheists. Science is the messiah, beset on all sides by unbelievers who threaten to undermine it's entire existence. In short, science is being crucified. The second coming of the science messiah will visit perfection and worldly paradise here on earth. Global climate cataclysm will be reversed at the same time as developing an infinite energy source to support unending economic growth, we will cure cancer, bio-engineer life forms to do our bidding, the purpose of the universe will be explained and computers will solve the halting problem in a few CPU cycles.
"Motion is governed by newtons laws. It's a fact of science."

"Statements in religious texts are hypotheses. Science should use theory and experimentation to falsify or corroborate them."
by anon31337 May 23, 2010
The insufficient belief that true objectivity is accessible to creaturely perception.
A diverting passtime and a device of great utility, but not a self-contained means of reaching final truth.

A subset of metaphysics, which is in turn a subset of philosophy.
Philosophy is the question, revelation is its answer.

Thus, Science is only an element of a much larger dialog; it is not a self fulfilling statement, as the common understanding posits.
Mythopoeic thought
Scientific thought
...I wonder what's coming next?

"Science has failed our world
Potent element of human existence
Letting the reigns go to the unfolding
Is faith..."

"I don't get it's too much science."
by M-J-to-the-wissle July 19, 2007

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