Seeing how many things you can burn with a laser
I'm going to do some science
by YOur real name June 26, 2015
I don't know, but I'm trying to find out, okay?
"I'm very into science these days."
by ThE gLoW cLoUd April 12, 2015
the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.
Science is great
by Prof. Venios December 20, 2014
v., science'd, science, sciencing, sciences.

To test the validity of a claim that a pipe or bong is finished, or cached. If in a group, a smoker may proclaim that they are employing the scientific method before lighting the bowl; this ensures that the effort will be peer reviewed.
1. "Damn, that's cached."
"Give it to me, I'll science it."

2. "For science!"
by Raycer X November 17, 2008
the focus of desire for learning and searching, as well as the reason why some lives (like mine) get rotten in laboratories.
Science is to know science, science is to know yourself, if you do not know yourself, what good is to learn? (Yunus Emre)
by Ipelies January 30, 2004
process of building a rocket
that missile was his science.
by Chowfan words February 24, 2008
Systematic analysis of nature, tends to produce hubris in humans.
After the 17th Century science made men think they were the greatest things in the universe
by Wes July 24, 2003

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