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A long skinny penis.

The opposite of a "choad/chode".
Girl #1: So how was Jake last night?!"

Girl #2: Awful... He has a Schwepp!
by SchweppLover December 27, 2011
To Schwepps it/To bottle it
"Schweppes": Yes mate, so I was chirpsing this bird, and you know, me and her.... and shit was goin down and..

Andy: So did you shag her then?

"Schweppes": er...nah man nah but...

Andy: you schwepps'd it then, you Schwepps
by JBenHurr October 27, 2008
Absolutley anything.
Dude, that chick is SCHWEPP!
Did you really do that? Cause if you did, I'm gonna give you a schwepping!
"Dude, I got a date with Catie!" "SCHWEPP!"
by Martin June 29, 2003
Sweet, awesome, very good to an extreme, cool, etc.
Dude, I was totally schwepp in that tournament!

Where am I? Well, doesn't seem too bad, this place looks kinda schwepp actually.
by Darius180 June 26, 2005
Punishment or beating
Nick, you broke my iPod, now I'm gonna give you a schwepping!
by Martin June 29, 2003
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