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1. One who is sassy and fine. Also a term of endearment, or used to describe someone who has just delighted you.
2. to be outwitted and outclassed.
"Genna, you're such a sassafrass!"
"she sassafrassed my ass all the way uptown and back!"
by killerqueen May 03, 2005
The best band ever to spring fully formed from a cartoon. More famous songs include "Killer Tofu", "I need more allowance" and "Shout your gums out".
loser: "Damnit man! I tried to get tickets for The Beets, but they were all sold out!"
loyal fan: "You are a fool."
by killerqueen May 03, 2005
Eeeasy pickins. A girl who would open up for you like a pleasant picnic basket on a fresh spring day. Portable, and everyone gets some of what's inside!
"what a lov-e-ly pic-a-nic basket Booboo!"
"Yogi... You know what the Ranger said."
by killerqueen May 06, 2005
a circus is another name for a circle (very British.) and Picadilly is a place and a line on the tube in London.
"...funny people in America.."
by killerqueen May 06, 2005
Short for "son-of-a-bitch-bastard". An exclamation of frustration, irritation, and pain. It is versatile in that it is also someone who is unsettling and utterly cruel.

Is also a term used to describe one who is pathetic or stupid.
"my son-of-a-bitch-bastard ipod won't work!!"
"that sobb broke my heart."
"That sorry sobb?! He'll never get off his lazy ass and get a job!"
by killerqueen May 03, 2005
1.the persone you gank marijuana off of, or one who holds it for you.
2.someone dumb enough to do whatever you tell them, and therefore subject to your every whim.
"we're gonna stop at 72 before we head back to my roof... Nick's my doobitch."
"ha! what a pathetic doobitch, man!"
"that pork doobitch killed my buzz."
by killerqueen May 04, 2005
An irritating song by Raffi.
ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, banana phone...I've got this feeling, so appealing, for us to get together and sing, SING!
by killerqueen May 03, 2005

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