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Deidra is a beautiful she devil. Nothing but devious thoughts cross her mind. Most of the time she's a total goofball, otherwise shy. She has everything a man willl ever look for. Deidra always knows what a man wants. She knows the game of manipulation all too well. Deidra loves to write poems and sing. She's known for making all the guy fall in love with her. Deidra is like a genius. Deidra never gets mad. She's soft hearted though, and it is very easy to make her cry. As soon as you meet Deidra you won't understand her, but you'll fall in love for sure.
I love Deidra but she doesn't know it yet.

Deidra is sooooo gorgeous, I'm jealous.

Deidra is one of the most hilarious people I have ever met, she's such a goofy person. She's so sweet.
by thatredheadedgirl February 06, 2010
most are bipoler and moody.THere often shy but on the inside there phsycos and you need to stay clear of them. most of them are atractive young ladies that are allways PMSing.But are the sweatest people.
"Hey whos that chick shes kinda bitchy but hella hot".

"Oh that chick must be a deidra".
by sdkjhflzsieryhlaiws April 28, 2009
a ho fo sho. this female is most often hurtin for a squirtin, but still able to hold out on guys to a painful point to show them who's boss. a deidra may be considered dangerous to those who don't respect them for being a deidra.
Whoa Deidra is stacked, shit man, she's going to kick your ass!
by deandrea September 05, 2006
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