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An amazing, popular, woman with the talent to become a singer or an actress. This name comes from Pakistan, the tribe Hasim.
"My girl is the most beautiful girl on earth!"-John
"Whats her name?"-Mandy
"Her name..? Well...I dont really know...but it should be Aysha!
by Sanah April 28, 2004
A woman born with individuality due to the uniqueness of the name. Passionate, and also ambitious, she carries confidence along with a creative and inspirational mind. A strong woman with a birds eye view of the world.
"Hey what are you doing today?" - Ryan

"I'm going to chill with the homie Aysha" - Mike

"Oh yeah? That girl is tiiight. Is it cool if I meet up wit you fools?" - Ryan

"You know it brah! Head over." - Mike
by The Knowledgable Man December 29, 2012
very big butt!! (see big butt)
omg that girl is an aysha
by migo23 July 26, 2011