To masturbate in a public area.
New asian chick in cafeteria. Time to sarge
by thecook123 August 07, 2012
the leader of the red team. Hates Grif and loves the suckup Simmons
Speaks in typical sarge voice.
I only drink the blood of my enemies! and occasionally a, uh, strawberry yoohoo, or a sasperella... grenadine! straight from the can! Deeeeelicious! Oh, and occassionally i do enjoy a Sex on the Beach, or a piiiina colada. If you like pina colada,yea, gettin caught in the rain, yea, if your not into yoga, yea, Grif just has half a brain, uh.
by Tobi D March 10, 2004
A slick jock's nickname this man might also be considerd muscular and very handsome.
Yo Sarge where we gonna hang tonight?
by ASARGE February 12, 2005
Leader of the Red Team in the popular web series, Red vs Blue.
Sarge: Grif. We're going to die. I'm glad we get these last few moments to make amends. My only hope is that I die before you, so that I don't live through the horror of losing a man on the battlefield.

Grif: Yeah. I hope you die first too, Sarge.
by xXX_Sarge_XXx January 16, 2015
Someone you call on when the shit really hits the fan. Your original instructor. In Case of Emergency contact.
BILLY BLAH got messed up bad yesterday and we dont know who to hit. Better check in with Sarge.
by Reaper2121 January 08, 2015

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