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Interesting, shocking. Short for spanish "interesante."
"You just cost us 3 million dollars!!!"
by Eggzilla March 23, 2007
big things,big house,big cars, big balls, big bomb muscles,super funni people, love music an bomb stuff yadig? also u know ur a santes when you make everybody laugh smile and u dont get along with fake ass people an backstabbin bitches but u do pray for them because even fake ass bitches need help. can i get an amen!
''Dam that waz such a santes sex session we just had''
''i love santes sex its the shit''.
by David69boy September 09, 2010
1. adverb. To lie, to be deceitful.

2. adverb. To have the qualities of a
pedophile. To have a tendency towards

3. noun. To have no comedic value. Unfunny
and dull.
1. To keep the kid quiet about touching him, I gave him a pet rat. How very sante of me.

2. I santed my 11 year old next door neigbor.

3. Wow, you really bombed like a sante out there.
by PSMF May 12, 2005

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