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Brar is one of the last names belonging to the Jatt clan of Sikh, Punjabi people. The last name Brar is one of a few elite surnames in the Jatt caste. Brar's are a very brave and noble people and have fought alongside Guru Gobind Singh against the moguls when many of his own men were killed. Guru Gobind Singh was the Tenth Guru (teacher) of The Sikh religion.
Harjit Brar, the most popular Kabaddi (Indian Wrestling) player in India and abroad. Virtually unstobbable before his death in a motor vehicle accident.
by Deep B March 08, 2010
The bar where all the brahs go.
also known as the place I never want to go.
"Hey man, did you see my lax bros at the brar?" "Yah brah"
by adele1991 November 05, 2011
(n) That which isn't not Brar. Twisted experiment gone wrong, resulting in a hybrid pirate/ninja/panda. Synonyms include: brar, brawr, and b-rawr.
A: Yeah, he pulled a brar.
C: Hey brar, whats the meaning of life?
D: Brar is neither homosexual nor heterosexual, he is sexually attracted to only blue light.
by Alaska Bob May 10, 2005
Stupidity and mischief incarnate
A: Wow that was stupid
B: Yea I pulled a Brar
by Kazo May 08, 2005
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