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An adjective meaning or referring to Santa Clause.
The little boy was so santanic, that he stole a christmas decoration.
by nanoxax67 September 24, 2009
13 2
A religion that follows the actions of Santa Claus.
Usually symbolized with an upside down Christmas tree.
Created by Korri and Anthony as a joke towards the Satanic religion.
Wall reads: "In Satan We trust"
Korri: "Just gonna switch those letters around"
Wall now reads: " In Santa,We trust"
Wall also reads: "Im Santanic" with an upside tree nearby

True story bro.
by korrik January 30, 2012
9 1
Santanic: (adj)- of, or pertaining to, Santana
That music is so santanic.
by Anonymous123469 October 01, 2006
10 7