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A jerk who has no boundries and likes to ruin peoples lives!
Whats wrong?
OH im so sorry :(
by _A_PERSON!!!! October 08, 2011
A small piece of cheese, usually found in the crevace of Bryce's belly button, one bite of this will leave you constipated for 10 weeks, as his poor friend mark found out after having a slightly homosexual experience with his good friend Charlie who had just slept over at Bryce's house and out of good will offered to clean out his belly button free of charge little did he know it would lead to a bad case of the mumps resulting in premature ejaculation for the rest of his life.
my gosh i was rumaging through my fridge and i found a korri, good thing i didn't eat it though i myself enjoy the act of intestinal purging.
by Amidite April 09, 2008
A Korri is a freakin awesome friend that hates spanish and loves lacrosse. She has a really special bond with Bobrick and Dana. She is super cool. She loves people. She is only a monster. Not!! lol. Get real. hahha. Korri is flippin awesome and she loves Napoleon, dogs and JALAPENOS like her friend Dana. She is AWESOME!
Oh my gosh, like today I totally was talking to this girl, she is so Korri!
by Dana March 21, 2005

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