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Used when you dnt give a fuck nd u jst want 2 tel sum1 2 go fuck demselves
Teacher: Wheres your homework?
student:Swivel on it!!!

Go swivel on it awrite!!!
by legend May 05, 2005
A female who smokes more than 5 packs of cigs. and does drugs while in pregnancy.
GINODAB - badong
"look at that crack bunny humpiin a jizzmo!"
by LEGEND October 28, 2004
Pre rolled tobacco that you smoke. ie cigatettes.
Bob wetter love the death sticks.
by legend July 15, 2003
When you are sleeping, and are dreaming about getting head, but you are actually getting head in real life....by a Thai girlboy named Sal
Boy that dream head i got from Sal last night was sure crazy.
by Legend April 18, 2003
1. Having a lasting affect on a person or situation.
The guys in the house were so obsessive that they couldn't stop using the word Sollified
by Legend February 28, 2005
A group consisting of Paul, Keith, Evan, Nick, Ashlea, Liz, Vito, Peej, Pat, Kyle, Aurora, Sarah.

They OWN the Meteora board on the Linkin Park forum, and are not liked by many. (although everyone is just jealous)

To recognise a T&C member in the LPMB, their sig will usually contain "Official Member of Tourniquet & Co" BUT BEWARE OF POSERS.

Herby is the most obviously jealous, and really wants to join T&C. He is their slave.
Person 1: "omg look that persons in tourniquet & co"
Person 2: "omg i wish i was that cool"
Moderator (who actually wishes they were cool enough to be in T&C) : "Tourniquet & Co are not cool, I'll ban them ALL if you don't shut your mouth!"
Tourniquet & Co Member: "Suicide is the only option for all of you."
Moderator: "OMGZ BANNED."
by Legend May 31, 2004
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