Santa is a jolly old man with a long white beard. He dresses in all red. He likes to break into your house on the 25th of December. You might want to watch out for him.
Oh my god, Santa is here!
by ~Jay~ January 04, 2006
Fat white guy who breaks into your house while everyone is asleep to eat your cookies and drink your milk.
Bob: "God dammit, I'm out of cookies and milk again!"
Santa: "Hohoho, merry christmas!"
by jawbreakerLOL February 19, 2010
Your parents.
"Santa got you some pretty fancy stuff this Christmas"
by alphabetsoupster January 19, 2009
Some old fat bastard with a pissed off wife because he only comes once a year, and its down everybody elses chimney.
Did Santa cum down your chimney too?
by Splice87 January 04, 2004
Gin-soaked pedophile

Matt was acting like such a santa the other day my 5 year old nephew started crying when he asked if he wanted to sit on his lap.
by Fucktarded Scarecrow December 30, 2009
Isn't real. DEAL with it.
santa is a fat man in a red suit
by scarfaceking December 24, 2007
large hairy man that breaks into your house once a year. see peadophile
sit on my lap lil children and i will show my sweet SWEET candy!
by apeshit November 26, 2004

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