santa....hes the meany bofeany that tells u to ask for something and never gets u the exact thing that u want and then acuses u of bein bad and gives u a lump of coal instead. no one even likes him there all like get away fat man....
like when u ask for a bike and he gives u a bloody pair of sox nd ur all like i asked for a bike... and then ur all like wheres my fukin bike then hes all like hohoho nd ur like u said wat nw?????? fuk u santa what the fuk is ur problem and then u chuk a brik at his head and he sqaushes rudolf nd ur like all crying coz rudolfs dead and ur like all watd rudolf ever do to u!!!
by santas a dik May 06, 2006
Isn't real. DEAL with it.
santa is a fat man in a red suit
by scarfaceking December 24, 2007
large hairy man that breaks into your house once a year. see peadophile
sit on my lap lil children and i will show my sweet SWEET candy!
by apeshit November 26, 2004
some fat old dude who likes to feed off poor innocent little kids' cookies and milk.
he enslaved the elves, which is y they don't live with us here today.
he is evil for making kids believe he is magical when he's really poor and only has the energy to steal food at christmas in the morning.
little kid wakes up to hear thumps downstairs...
leads to the living room where the cookies are....
sees old, fat dude in red rags and gulping down a glass of milk with oreo and cookie crumbs on scraggly old beard....
uh oh...
by annie :DD December 26, 2006
A person that you see at the mall. If you want the Definition of real Santa see parents
Santa is me parents....I think.
by Mr.Guy December 26, 2004
A man, more often than not a Silver Fox who sports grey or white pubic hair...

White or grey Pubes.
To christen a man or Silver Fox who has white or grey pubic hair, Santa, St Nick, Father Christmas etc....
by MissBushcraft November 07, 2011
Santa is an old man, and wears red and white. He has a thick, white beard because he forgot to shave it. He breaks into your house, delivering presents for good boys and girls. Whilst he breaks into your house, he steals the mince pies and your dad's beer, making him obese, before creeping up to the children's room to creep on them sleeping, and fills their stockings. He must be a stalker, due to the fact, he knows wear you live, your name, and whether you have been good or not. Santa has three hoes, unlike Tiger woods.
"Santa, please may I have a pony?" "Ho. Ho. Ho. Merry Christmas ____! You have been a good little girl haven't you? Let me help myself to some of your beer, thanks."
by failingsuccess December 20, 2010
a fake guy your parents made up to make you look forward to all year. ( just to see you smile )
me( 5 yrs old ): hi santa.

parent: im not santa

me: fuk u ( i shoot parent and take gifts )

parent: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
by HUMPFACE April 24, 2008

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