Sanjay means Triumphant. Usually people with this name are very smart by brains and handsome by looks. They are the perfect blend of little bit of everything and they make a Perfect Man.
I am waiting for my Sanjay; I would like to marry a Sanjay;
by Ksaj March 22, 2010
Another name for a Indian male of small physique, large feet - rumored to be good in bed...aka pimp daddy
I'm going out with a total Sanjay today- dont let his size fool you
by All women around the world June 16, 2008
An Indian guy with an extremely long and big dick.
Just call me Sanjay because I know how to satisfy the ladies.
by sanjayb6789 August 21, 2009
Being a pimp or a gangster.
Hardcore Gangster
He is such a big sanjay !!!
Sanjay can rock my world :D
by theperfectman April 30, 2009
1. An east Indian name.

2. A term of dismay. (e.g. oh no! Sanjay!)

3. Used to startle unsuspecting people, especially from a car, most commonly gangstots/prostitots.

Screamed in a high east Indian accent.
From a roti commercial on station 100.7 FM in Toronto.
*Some stupid white kids with no pubes yet who think they're all that are loitering at a subway because a sign says no loitering.*



by Zetes June 01, 2004
it means enlightened one.
often it is a misnomer.
hey he's like... smart.
yeah such a sanjay.
by facemelterguy May 14, 2005
meaning gay;likes to go around and play practical jokes on people and is as skinny as twig in a woodland forest.
damn man that guys a rite sanjay
by Jullian June 06, 2005

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