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Samarth (yes there is only one of them in the world) is a wonderful being. He has the world's most spontaneous and amazing brain. He's the most creative person you'll meet. He gets so much fanmail he had to hire a secretary to burn it all. But his awesomeness comes at a price. He's a freaking badass funny person, and it's possible that you may be crippled by his awesomeness. Not killed, because his awesome is still keeping you alive, but crippled.
Samarth says, "Poop."
You burst out laughing in fits of pain that almost kill you, but they don't because his awesome factor is keeping you alive. Otherwise you'd painfully implode, and your body'd still twitch and giggle.
by Your Mother's Cat September 07, 2010
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Guy or girl who is always getting held back from school
whoah he failed 8th grade? He's gonna end up being a samarth
by Cryrislam July 18, 2010

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