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1. A gentle 'ayy' symbolises gratitude among friends, and is often used as a general greeting

2. A more agressive 'AAAYYYYYYYY', is used to show anger amongst a close group of friends or family.

1. Person 1: I joined the cadets!!

Person 2: Ayy

2. Person 1: I DIDN'T GET LAID!!

Person 2: AYYYYYYYAYYY?!??!

by BootyMaster123 May 24, 2009
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"Ayy" is an expression of greeting, most likely coming from the word "hey". It is mostly used in ghetto culture, or by people high on marijuana, and can also be used as an insult or mockery.
Ayy, Tyrone, grab me the remote will 'ya?

Ayy, Irvin, haven't seen you in a while!

Ayy sissy boy!
by TheChudeDude June 06, 2016
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A simple greeting for which the sender does not want to continue the conversation, usually followed by nothing.
by Thatonesmartkid4.0 January 11, 2017
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Uno man: Dude, is that an ayy?
Second Homosapien: I believe so.
by TheDubLord April 25, 2017
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used when making fun of someone, but it has to come out really gay in order to mock them properly
*a little prissy boy walks past*

by Monique November 20, 2002
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