Military term meaning Surface to Air Missile.
We launched SAM's to bring those planes down.
by Virgin Thomas March 16, 2005
Soft as A Motherfucker

Going S.A.M. is the opposite of going H.A.M.
Dude, I went S.A.M. in that bitch last night. SHit was awesome.
by Goin S.A.M. March 28, 2011
Sam the most sexiest guy you will ever meet. Has a giant penis and has loads of girls chasing him. And is great at sex.
by mstrole September 09, 2010
Surface to Air Missile
self explanatory really
by The_Reaper March 30, 2005
Sassy Ass Mouth
Uh huh that's rightt you better do that

Damnn she s.a.m'ing you
by pat b 609 August 13, 2009
The most amazing human being on the face of this earth.

He'll love everything about the girl he chooses to be with and that girl is the luckiest alive. He's brilliant and handsome! No one could compare to a Sam. They are amazing, they are in Gods perfect image.
Sam's are typically amazing kissers, they have big dicks, and a beautiful girlfriend to finish the touch. A girl without a Sam isn't a girl at all... She's a dike.
Girl 1: I wish I had a Sam like you do!
Girl 2: Everyone wishes they had a Sam... He's perfect
by 022711forever January 12, 2012
a cute little guy who always changes his mind and can nvr like the same girl for more than a month
hes sweet
and he can always make me smile
Yea sam is my buddy =-D your JEALOUSE
by urmomrocksmysocksoff February 03, 2008

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