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Lord and Saviour of the merpeople according to the archaic Dead Sea Scrolls. He was condemned to an eternity of sexual torture from small, vicious Chinese porcupines named Ching, Chang, and Chingy.
Sakar shall revisit this earth upon the manifistation of Bazooka Tooth.
by William Wordsworth III March 12, 2005
Lord and saviour of the merpeople in archaic dead sea scroll scripture, who was forever cursed to wear sexual torture devices made from small chinese porcupines.
I just wrote a fifteen page paper for my "Ancient Civilizations" class at Harvard about Sakar.
by William Wordsworth III March 12, 2005
A corporation whose technological feats include a wireless mouse that jumps 400+ pixels at random times along with a 3.1 megapixel digital camera whose battery life with 3 freshly charged AAA cells lasts a gogol times longer (give or take 50%) than a celebrity marriage (the batteries last approximately 10 minutes). Approximate synonym: Chinktronics.
I went to drag a MP3 file to my iPod, but it fell in the Recycle Bin instead, darn Sakar mouse!

At least the battery life on my Sakar digital camera is long enough for Lindsay Lohan's wedding pictures.
n. one who is overly pretentious, a faker. From tribal Indian "se CAR", meaning "one who is fake". A term once used to describe foreigners who would attempt to trade by trying to imitate the Indians
"Look at him, trying so hard to impress by being someone he's not. He's such a sakar."
by Joe March 31, 2005
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