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a teen from the ages 13-18 with braces.
"Look at the bazooka tooth"
"His Bazooka teeth are ugly"
#braces #teen #teeth #dentist #tooth
by Ariel Zero July 23, 2006
To have a (large) blunt hanging out of your mouth, so that it looks like you have a bazooka for a tooth. To smoke a blunt.
1: This is a big ass blunt...
2: Yo man, it looks like a got a bazooka tooth
#aesop rock #bazooka #tooth #def jux #weed
by Ivan Ooze March 08, 2010
The name often used to describe the look of a buck toothed hill billy.
Jim is such a hillbilly, but his brother Jake is such a bazookatooth
#bazookatooth #hillbilly #redneck #bucktooth #farmer joe
by ViralAdmin October 05, 2010
-noun: The end of the world. Everything going to shit.
"Ah fuck, there go the four horsemen. Curse this forsaken bazooka tooth!!"
by solid_servo March 17, 2004
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