To do lots of annoying, time consuming things that one doesn't want to do. Examples of sweening include making endless personal business related phone calls such as to an insurance company, going to the DMV, going to the post office, etc.
I had a day off and I had to spend the whole day sweening.
by mishmashigas March 25, 2009
A female's reproductive organ.
Megan wore a skirt to school and when she jumped up, i nearly saw her sween!
by HotSurferBoi23 September 05, 2006
To release feces while expelling gas.
Ah crap....i just sweened
by Nizzle Sizzle April 10, 2003
A combination of sweet and seen wrapped up in one neat little package.
-Here's a million dollars and a free blowjob.
-Sween. (Or in this case, super-sween may be in order.)
by Bruns April 03, 2004
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