When something is rubbish
i hate dat song bruv, it's swag
by Jean-Luc (Jean) May 14, 2005
Scientific Wild Ass Guess
I'm not sure but I could take a swag at it.
by spiff March 03, 2005
a bootleg object or possesion in prison, esp. food
D Block has swag sandwiches for 3 ciggarettes a pop.
by Tif July 24, 2004
Sales Wearables and Gifts
Giveaway T-shirts with company logos, pens with logos, shirts with names of rock groups
by Rick September 08, 2003
Justin Drew Bieber. Simple as that. Thumbs this down all you want, but it's true.
omg, you know the singer Justin Bieber? he has SO much swag. and he's hot too.
by JustinBieberLove June 27, 2011

something we asians got. ;))
i got swag cause i'm asian bietch!!!
by ralfyy_408 May 08, 2011
Jaden Smith
Izzy: What does swag mean

Justin: Jaden Smith
by HeeyItsIzzy March 31, 2011

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