This word is used more than the word 'I", "And", "The", and any common word known to mankind, "what is swag" you may ask, well swag is a term to make one think they are "cool" and "accepted" but they're really just making themselves look stupid in front of everyone using a word that has no official meaning. Swag Swag Swag Swag Swag, is it a noun? a verb? an adjective? why not all of them! People may say they are "Swaggets" or they may be "Swaggin'" or in general someone can be "Swag" if you know someone who's says "Swag" in a serious manner, do something about it.
Larry: I have so much swag
everyone else with common sense: SHUT.UP.
by MGnT1999 November 20, 2013
something you faggots dont have
fedora faggot: h-h-h-h-hi swag girl wanna fuck??
swag girl: ew
ff: friendzoned again *tips fedora*
by xXxswagyolo420xXx September 15, 2013
A phrase utilized by faggoteers who try to appear flashy and hipster. However they are only presenting themselves as a major league douche bag supreme, as this saying means "Secretly we are gay".
Simply the word "swag" is used by little kids who think they are cool but instead misunderstand the true underlying meaning of the word and trying to imply they are homosexuals
Person 1: Yo who has swag?
Person 2: Angus Ng does.
Person 1: Who is he?
Person 2: That gay guy who leads the gay pride parade
by The Tricksteroo September 08, 2013
Word used by people to try and sound cool

Ones style and appearance

Secretely We Are Gay
My babies got swag
by Harry69 September 06, 2013
SWAG is an abbreviation for Sex With A Girl (or Guy)
"Man I had SWAG last night."
by TheSwagmaster69 September 04, 2013
A word that many people abuse because they're fucking stupid. Swag DOES NOT mean Something We Americans Got, you retards. It originally meant Sealed With A Gift and was given to celebrities as rewards. But I hate swag because God dammit kids use it, slenderman uses it, Even the dictionary has a spot for swag I mean cause fuck it, right? JUST FUCK IT.
I'm swagalitious, motherfuckers
by Swagalitious August 24, 2013
Swag: noun.

Swag is a cancerous growth that forms in the cavities left by dead brain cells. In cases of large amounts of swag the damage is irreversible and can lead to death.
Swag infected 1 "Hey brah i gots all dat swag. YOLO!"

Regular person 1 "I'm so sorry, they will find a cure for you someday."

Swag infected 1 "wuteva brah i jus do wuteva i wan cos i got all dem swags!"
by IonToaster August 20, 2013

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