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Cheerful but has a dark side. Beautiful and happy. Carefree. Don't get a Rainey mad or you are in for a suprise! A Rainey is very smart. Makes your day brighter.
I hung out with Rainey and I feel lighter, happier. Her smile brought sunshine!
by taylorrja February 03, 2010
Rainey is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is a goddess, she has the beauty of Aphrodite. She has an amazing personality, she is funny and so pretty.

yes Rainey, i made this just for you!
by lardokat777 November 08, 2010
Rainey is gorgeous, sexy, amazing, trustworthy, perfect in every way! & will never hurt you. She'll always have your back& gives the best advice in the world. Shes defnitley a keeper. I love her soo much! <3 Any guy would be lucky to have a rainey. Shes very loving, and fun to be around, knows how to have a good time. Shes smart, and always wants the best for everyone. Shes adorable & the most prettiest girl ever.
Someone: she's hella pretty . .

me:well dude shes such a rainey ! :)
by Shanna Chauhan September 12, 2011
A rainey is a extraordinarly beautiful and is a very opposite character, super hard to read. Extremely intelligent but comes off dumb, very deep in emotion but not sensitive, very confident and easygoing but very isolated and independent. Be super cautious getting to know a Rainey. You might be in for a ride!
Guy 1: Dude I can't read this girl...

Guy 2: Oh man! you must have gotten yourself a rainey!
by Purplefranchise May 20, 2015
Indecisive; confusing. Making no sense whatsoever.
Mr. Indecisive couldn't make up his mind, and his story made no sense at all, he was basically being rainey.
by Johnny Slazzinger September 06, 2010
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