Suck the pussy or stroke the pussy
He knows how to STP dry!!!
by BigBootyRed87 March 10, 2011
slap that prositute
That guy stp in the street late last night
by Wendix January 20, 2011
Snatch twist pull

when some one snatches twist and pulls your hair
you know that guy mark he just STP me
by breacie June 11, 2010
1. Super Tight Pussy

2. Standard Temperature Pressure
Let me get that STP!

Virgins usually have STP ;)
by bangbangbang!!! March 31, 2010
Sooner Then Possible
I want that report on my desk STP. I don’t care how late you have to stay at the office tonight!!
by AK247 August 06, 2008
Super Tiny Penis. Originated from a few school kids as an inside joke, it now has become a major disease. STP is carried among "slortches" (look that up) and spreads by the touch. It's a serious disease and labs all around the country of Siberia are trying to stop it. Case closed
"Ew stay away from him(or her), (s)he has STP."
by Jesse the Pimp April 20, 2008
signal transfer point

kind of a router in ss7 networks

it is responsible for transfer of different ss7 messages between ss7 nodes
a STP may send route set test messages to probe the availability of a particular SEP
by Str187 March 02, 2008
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