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1) The name of a song by the infamous So-Cal band, Sublime
2) A pad/house/apartment/dwelling in which methamphetamine is abused for days on end.
3) A pad/house/apartment/dwelling where methamphetamin is manufactured for personal use. The methamphetamine labs sometimes explode because the maker is tweaking so bad on meth while he makes more meth.
4) A secret dwelling where drugs are widley abused and endless partying ensues
1 - STP is my favorite sublime song ever!!!
2 - Hey man, lets go to that secret tweaker pad and get tweaked
3 - Billy doesnt want to come chill with us for the next week or two because hes at his STP... Maybe he'll die soon/
4 - Lets go to that secret tweaker pad and get shitty!
by The REAL Martin October 24, 2005
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