Street Team Points
Credits of 1.50 for given when a user refers new users to the site.

Also commonly used as a verb
Glennz on Sep 14 '07 at 10:47pm
Hey, did you get those STP's?

Arzie13 on Sep 14 '07 at 10:50pm
Nope, sorry. STP me again
by EL dot TEE dot September 16, 2007
An Internet slang acronym with two meanings.

A. Same Time Post, when two people post a message at the same time to the second. Popular on message boards such as GameFAQs.

B. Second To Post, when someone posts posts second in a message board topic.
A. "Both of us posted at 9:13:06. STP!"
B. "New board? STP!"
by rklamer August 22, 2007
Acrinym for Sweet Tasty Pussy
I'm going to go out and get some STP, you know me!
by The Woodmeister August 12, 2007
Acronym for the band, Stone Temple Pilots. Originally, the band called themselves "Shirly Temple's Pussy", but after pressure from their recording company, they changed it to what it is now. Scott Weiland has since left the band and is now lead singer for the Mega-Rock Group "Velvet Revolver".
Man, STP was good...but Velvet Revolver is Scott Weiland at his best! Don't fuck this one up, buddy..
"secret tweaker pad"

acronym used for the title of the sublime song, about bradley's secret tweaker pad.

what is a secret tweaker pad, or even just a tweaker pad for that matter is a mystery for me. come on you urbanites, figure that out. probably something to do with drugs. dunno.
if you need me i'll be chillaxin in my STP.
by shub April 02, 2004
Standard Temperature and Pressure

A chemical standard usually used for reporting the properties of compounds/molecules.

Generally written in one of the following ways:
0°C or 273.15°K
760 mm Hg or 1 atm
Mercury is a liquid at STP because of it's valence electron organization.
by Jules March 19, 2004
Stone Temple Pilots, an early grunge band that formed in the early 90's and focused on apathy and other grunge aspects. Weiland, the lead singer, was addicted to heroin all through the band's history
Stone temple pilots' "Core" won platinum.
by loner March 07, 2004
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