Shortened version of the word statutory. Used to describe a girl that is significantly younger than yourself. Who may or may not be 18 years old.
"What's up bro you tryna hang out with some stats tonight?"

"Nah man, they are still in highschool. Like they just got their licenses."
"Well a license to drive is a license to ride"
"That is fucked up"
by Pleasanton, CA January 25, 2015
Used in the medical field to mean right the fucking way. Can also be used in casually.
Doctor: The patient is seizing he could herniate his brain push 4 MG's lorazepam IV STAT!

Anesthetist: Yes sir pushing IV lorazepam now!

Dude: Girlfriend is being a bitch today and won't hook up with me I need a beer STAT!

Broski: Right on it bro!
by CTU_FieldAgent200 March 01, 2011
nick name for Amare Stoudimire of the NYC Knicks stands for Standing Tall And Talented
WOW! look how STAT dunked there!
by ogren543 December 04, 2013
Standing Tall And Talented
Damn, STAT killed Big Mac on that Gouhlish diss track
by Standingtallandtalented December 05, 2012
stats: how many times you've had sex.
john has 15 stats!
by stats up April 20, 2011
An abbreviation for statistic. If you dont already know what it is then your either stupid or your waiting for me to say somthing funny... Nope not gonna happen...
48% of all stats are made up on the spot.
by Statnerd September 10, 2010
used to describe a situation, or appearance
Dude did you see his guitar solo? GNAR STATS!

Check out that rednecks hair. Mullet stats, fer sure bro.
by rachhh November 01, 2007
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